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Author: Waring, Sarah


WARING, Sarah (1791-1878:

She was born on 19 Jan. 1791, the youngest daughter of Jeremiah Waring (q.v.), draper, merchant, and author, and his wife Lettice Miller, Quakers, who married in 1783. Nothing is known of her education but her father published poetry and a prose work on Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man and both her brothers, Elijah (1787-1857) and Samuel Miller (q.v.) were also published authors. On 1 Jan. 1824, she conformed alongside her brother Samuel Miller and was baptised into the Church of England at Ropley, Hants. After her father’s death in 1829, she lived with her unmarried sister Letitia Waring (1789-1866) at Wyards Farm, Alton, from where she dedicated The Minstrelsy of the Woods (1832) to her brother Elijah’s children. (Jane Austen’s favourite niece, Anna Lefroy, had earlier occupied the farm with her husband from 1815.) After Letitia Waring’s death in 1866 she moved to Westbury on Tym, a suburb of Bristol, Somerset, and lived with her unmarried nieces Josephine Sophia, Harriet Elizabeth, and Octavia Jane, the daughters of her eldest brother, Elijah Waring (1787-1857). She died at 14 Frederick Place, Clifton, Bristol, on 25 Jul. 1878, leaving just over £200, with her niece Josephine Sophia as executrix. In addition to the work listed here, she wrote A Sketch of the Life of Linnaeus (1827), The Minstrelsy of the Woods (1832) about British and foreign birds, and The Meadow Queen; or, the Young Botanists (1836), all aimed at younger readers and published by Darton. She also wrote The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes(1833), containing sketches of the sufferings of French and Italian protestants. ( 14 Jul. 2022; 14 Jul. 2022; Friends’ Books 2: 859-60; Darton, G1201-4, H1154) AA


Other Names:

  • S. Waring

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