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Jackson Bibliography of Romantic Poetry

By J.R. de J. Jackson

This bibliography, which is based on first-hand examination of copies, aims to provide descriptions of all extant editions of all verse in English published for the first time between 1770 and 1835, amounting to approximately 23,000 volumes. The only significant restriction is that "volume" is defined as consisting of at least ten pages of verse; the inclusion of books that mix prose and verse depends on their containing at least ten pages of verse that was not published before 1770. The bibliography is searchable by a number of headings: please see the Introduction for a detailed explanation. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

NOTE: At the time of his death in April 2011, J.R. de J. Jackson had finished checking every record in the database but had not completed the task of examining copies. A note at the bottom of each record page specifies whether the entry has been examined. The examination of copies is continuing under other hands.

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