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Jackson Bibliography of Romantic Poetry

By J.R. de J. Jackson


We are now inviting users to submit biographical headnotes of up to 400 words for authors who do not already have them. Applicants will be sent detailed guidelines for the content and style of their entries and in return for suitable copy will receive peer review, copy-editing, prompt publication, and acknowledgment in the form of their initials at the end of the entry and their names included in the List of Contributors. Use the Contact tab to request guidelines; be sure to include your email address.

This bibliography, which is based on first-hand examination of copies, aims to provide descriptions of all extant editions of all verse in English published for the first time between 1770 and 1835, amounting to approximately 23,000 volumes. The only significant restriction is that "volume" is defined as a book consisting of at least ten pages of original verse; thus the inclusion of anthologies of old and new poetry or of books that mix prose and verse depends on their containing at least ten pages of verse not published before 1770. Verse contained in works of prose fiction such as that of Ann Radcliffe is omitted unless collected as poetry in a separate publication. Following the practice of the British Library, annuals and gift books are excluded as a form of periodical. The bibliography is searchable in a number of ways: see the User Guide and Introduction for detailed explanations.