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Author: Harrison, Susanna


Harrison, Susanna (1752-1784: ODNB)

Songs in the Night, which ran to 15 editions in Britain by 1823 and to six in the US by 1821, was at first published anonymously as by "a young woman under heavy afflictions." Harrison had entrusted her poems to John Conder, a Congregationalist minister, for posthumous publication, but he persuaded her to publish with the hope of bringing comfort to others in distress. For the second edition he encouraged her to reveal her name with an acrostic. (She spells it "Susanna.") Most of the available biographical information about her comes from Conder's two prefaces; he himself died in 1781, following a stroke. She was probably born in Ipswich, entered domestic service at sixteen, but was permanently disabled in 1772. The fourth edition (Ipswich 1788) includes some previously unpublished material, both verse and prose. (ODNB 25 Feb. 2019)


Other Names:

  • Susannah Harrison

Books written (18):

London: T. Vallance and Alexander Hogg, 1780
2nd edn. London: T. Valance and Alexander Hogg, 1781
3rd edn. London/ Bury/ Ipswich: Vallance and Conder, and R. Hawes/ E. Rogers/ C. Punchard, 1783
4th edn. Ipswich/ London/ Braintree/ Bury/ Woodbridge: Punchard and Jermyn/ Vallance and Conder, and Buckland/ Smitheman/ Rogers/ Loder, 1788
6th edn. London: S. Conder and T. Conder, 1799
6th edn. Edinburgh/ Glasgow/ London: J. Ogle/ M. Ogle/ R. Ogle, 1799
1st American from 4th London edn. Exeter [NH]: Angier March, 1802
8th edn. London: W. Baynes, 1803
8th edn. London: W. Baynes, 1805
2nd American edn. Burlington [NJ]: Stephen C. Ustick, 1807
10th edn. London: W. Baynes, 1810
3rd American edn. Philadelphia/ Burlington [NJ]: W. W. Woodward/ printed by Stephen C. Ustick, 1810
11th edn. London/ Glasgow/ Edinburgh: T. Hamilton, R. Ogle/ M. Ogle/ J. Ogle, 1812
New Brunswick [NJ]: printed by Lewis Deare, 1813
4th American edn. Lexington [KY]: Thomas T. Skillman, 1814
13th edn. London: W. Baynes, 1820
15th edn. London/ Glasgow/ Aberdeen and Elgin: R. Baynes and J. Bumpus/ T. Lochhead/ J. Maitland, 1823