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Author: Fry, Caroline


Fry, Caroline, later Wilson (1787-1846: WBIS)

Born in Tunbridge Wells, she was the ninth child (of ten) of John Fry, a gentleman farmer, and Jane Fry. She was taught at home by her elder sisters. (According to ODNB and EC, her father was so proud of her literary talent that he had her juvenile History of England in Verse [1802] published, but WorldCat and other library catalogues do not support that claim.) After the death of John Fry in 1802, she was sent to a London school and then worked as a companion in wealthy homes for a few years. In 1822 she experienced an evangelical conversion. With royal patronage, she launched a successful periodical for young people, the Assistant of Education, Religious and Literary (1823-8). She contributed to such annuals as the Amulet and the New Year's Gift. Her most popular book was The Listener (1830), which went through thirteen editions in just over twenty years. In 1831 she married William Wilson, a merchant; they lived in Blackheath and later in Woolwich. She died of cancer in Tunbridge Wells. (ODNB 14 Dec. 2018; Allibone)


Books written (8):

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2nd edn. London: Ogle, Duncan, and Co., 1823